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Microsoft Word Resources: Capstone Document Formatting

Capstone Document Formatting

This section contains resources specific to the Capstone Studies templates at Walden University. All other resources typical to MS Word (e.g. margins, headings) are located via the navigation on the left-hand navigation.

Please note that this website contains resources specific to using the tools, features, and functions in MS Word. For APA formatting support, please visit the Walden University Writing Center for additional information on Walden and APA-formatting guidelines.

Incorporating & Viewing Instructor Feedback in the Doctoral Study/Dissertation Template

Fixing Formatting Errors in the Doctoral Study/Dissertation Template

Guidelines for Saving a Template

  • Templates can be saved as a .docx (Word2010) or in a compatible format opened by anyone who may not have Word 2010. 
  • Students should check with their committee for preferred version of Word they should use. Issues arise when faculty and students are working in different versions. 
  • Students should check with faculty and confirm an agreed version of the document that works for all. Issues arise when the faculty and student bounce the template back and forth, and are using different versions.
  • The Walden Writing Center has additional tutorials on how to work with doctoral capstone templates.

Change Page Numbers (without affecting pagination in other sections)

As a Capstone student, you will need to know how to change page numbers in one section without affecting the pagination in other, separate sections.

Dot Leaders

Dot leaders are used between tab stops in tables of contents to help make this portion of your paper easier for the reader to follow. Essentially, dot leaders are the ellipses placed between the title of a section and the page number where the section begins. When auto-generating a table of contents, MS Word will insert these for you. 

Page Breaks

Page breaks and section breaks are used to separate sections of a paper automatically. This ensures that in the future, you can edit and adjust the content of a paper without ruining the formatting of the sections.

Page Numbering in Landscape Orientation

To publish your manuscript, you have to insert page numbers correctly on all pages. Sometimes, a table is too wide to fit on one page formatted in the portrait orientation typical in doctoral manuscripts, but it could fit on one page formatted in landscape orientation. Changing the orientation of your paper might affect your page numbers, so you need use a different method to format your page numbers.


Table of Contents

Word allows you to automatically insert tables of contents (TOCs) into longer documents. 

• The dissertation and doctoral study templates available on the Writing Center website already have automated TOCs built into them. Do not change any of the field codes or heading styles in your dissertation or doctoral study template – if you change field codes or heading styles, then the TOC will no longer update automatically. Watch the template demonstration video for your doctoral program to learn more about how to use the dissertation and doctoral study templates.