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OASIS Writing Skills

Undergraduate Writing:
4000 Level Courses

Undergraduate resources in the Writing Center

4000 Level Courses

In upper-level courses, students must be able to (a) display sentence-, paragraph-, and essay-level skills; (b) use evidence to support a claim in an academic argument and give credit to a source; and (c) provide the reader with documentation of research with a reference page. In upper-level courses, students should compose assignments using the appropriate academic sources for their discipline. Student writing should demonstrate an awareness of the importance of presentation, style, and audience. Walden uses APA style guidelines to give credit to sources. By carefully proofreading all work before submitting assignments, students should use an established revision process that contributes to quality composition. 

A. Display sentence, paragraph, and essay level skills.

Sentence-level skills include awareness of grammar and punctuation rules. Paragraph-level skills involve use of evidence for idea (thesis) development. Students should practice essay-level writing skills, including the use of transitional material and organizational frames. Students should display awareness of discipline specific conventions particular to a writing assignment, including academic expression, presentation, and stylistic choices appropriate to an academic audience.

B. Use evidence from research to support a claim and give credit to the source
C. Provide the reader with documentation of research with a reference page.

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