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Undergraduate Writing:
Assignment Planner

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Weekly Writing Assignment Planner for Undergraduate Students

Six-week courses can sometimes feel like a whirlwind. This checklist is meant to assist bachelor’s students in planning their time and completing weekly writing assignments on schedule. The numbers listed are the rough percentages of time devoted to each step.

As you complete more assignments, you will likely adjust the approach based on your scheduling realities and writing process. Feel free to adapt this checklist as needed.

Assignment Due Date: _________________

1. Review previous feedback from faculty, peers, and/or the Writing Center [5%]

Complete this step by _____________


2. Read the assignment instructions carefully [5%]

Complete this step by _____________

  • Look at this week’s assignment instructions. What is being asked of you?
  • Understanding these instructions will allow you to perform a more focused reading of the resources. In other words, you will be able to read with the end goal in mind.
  • You might even write down the assignment to remember as you explore the resources.
  • E-mail your faculty if you have questions.


3. Read the weekly resources [30%]

Complete this step by _____________

  • Allow yourself to respond to the assignment as you read. This response could include highlighting key points, circling passages to use as evidence, and jotting questions or comments about the material and its connection to your own life experiences. These are your notes.


4. Outline [10%]

Complete this step by _____________

  • After reading the resources, return to the assignment instructions again.
  • Use the assignment instructions—as well as your notes—to formulate a perspective. Based on the reading, what is your overall viewpoint on the topic? This perspective—or thesis statement—will guide your writing.
  • Outline the main points you want to make to support your perspective.

5. Develop [25%]

Complete this step by _____________

  • Your outline is essentially a map of your perspective on the topic.
  • You can now develop the outline’s main points into paragraphs, with more information and explanation. Add an introduction and conclusion to round out the paper.


6. Share [5%]

Complete this step by _____________

  • If time permits, share your draft with Writing Center staff*, a classmate, or a friend or family member.


7. Revise and Proofread [20%]

Complete this step by _____________

  • Revise based on the feedback received. If time does not permit sharing, follow these revision tips to examine and improve your draft on your own.
  • Compare your work
    • to the assignment instructions. Do you answer all questions? Do you demonstrate knowledge of the topic?
    • to the posted rubric (if applicable). Do you adequately address each component?
    • to the AWE guidelines. Are you meeting the expectations of your course level?
  • Read through your work for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.


* Note: To use Writing Center one-on-one appointments, follow these directions. Be sure to plan ahead and schedule an appointment early in your course.

This planner is based on the Research Project Calculator developed by Minitex.

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