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Paper Reviews: Appointment Overview

What are paper review appointments?

Writing Center appointments are an opportunity for you to receive individualized feedback on your writing from one of the Writing Center's professional writing instructors. All of our appointments are asynchronous. Using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes, a writing instructor will comment on strong areas of your writing and areas that you can improve, including scholarly writing, APA, and grammar. Although we do not comment on every error we notice, we do point out patterns in your writing to help you strengthen these key areas. We encourage you to e-mail if you have any comments or questions about the feedback you receive.

Do I meet with someone live for a paper review appointment?

Writing Center appointments are different from appointments with an advisor. Our appointments do not include a phone call or live communication and are not tied to a specific time. Instead, students make an appointment for a specific day and attach their paper to their appointment in our myPASS scheduling system. The Writing Center writing instructor will then review your paper, embedding feedback into your draft using Microsoft Word's track changes. The writing instructor will attach his/her review to your appointment, and you will receive an e-mail when your review is ready for you to download from your appointment in myPASS.

How fast will I get feedback from my paper review appointment?

A Writing Center instructor will review your paper the day of or the day after your appointment date, and you will receive an e-mail when your reviewed paper is available. You can then download your reviewed paper from myPASS and review the feedback at your convenience. We encourage you to e-mail us at if you have any comments or questions about the feedback you receive.

When do I attach my paper to my paper review appointment?

Your paper does not have to be ready to attach at the time you reserve your appointment. Because our scheduling system opens on a two-week rolling basis, you are able to reserve an appointment two weeks before the day the appointment occurs.

You are able to attach your paper anytime before the day the appointment occurs. Review our policies for details about our deadline for attaching your paper to a paper review appointment.

Note, however, that papers must be attached by 5 am Eastern time on the day of your appointment or within 15 minutes of making a same-day appointment.

Appointment Best Practices

The following tips will help you make the most of your Writing Center appointments:

  • Review our Appointment Policies to ensure you are following all Writing Center paper review policies. Students who do not follow paper review policies may have their appointments cancelled and may not have their paper reviewed.
  • You can make up to two appointments per week. You can submit different papers for your appointments or you can submit a draft for the first appointment and a revised version for the second appointment. Making an appointment for a revised draft will help you not only improve your assignment but also better understand your writing process.
  • Consider making multiple appointments with the same writing instructor, who will get to know your writing and will be able to comment on the development of your writing skills from one assignment or draft to the next.
  • Writing instructors each have their own style, so we encourage you to work with us on an ongoing basis and find the instructor whose approach best matches your learning style.  
  • Consider getting feedback on a document at different points in your writing process. Your submission does not have to be completed for a Writing Center writing instructor to review it; we review first or early drafts as well.
  • After each appointment, fill out our short, anonymous post-paper review survey to let us know what you found helpful about your appointment, as well as ways we can improve.
  • If you were referred to the Writing Center by your course instructor, be sure to include any specific concerns he or she may have on your appointment form. 

Students With Disabilities

The Writing Center is committed to providing all students with equal access to learning resources. We provide reasonable, additional services for students with disabilities if approved as through Student Wellness and Disability Services. Please do not hesitate to contact us or Student Wellness and Disability Services for a confidential discussion about additional services. To discuss specific accessibility issues or software, please contact Student Wellness and Disability Services directly at

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