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Paper Reviews: Why Make an Appointment

Why Make an Appointment

At the Writing Center, we want to foster student’s growth and achievement of their own writing and learning goals through their appointments with us. Paper reviews are one way we partner with students in their writing journey! We’re here to support you throughout your Walden coursework regardless of program. This means we encourage you to make a paper review appointment if:

  • You have a specific writing goal in mind
  • You generally would like to advance your writing skills
  • You would like to build confidence in your abilities as a writer
  • You want to feel prepared for the final written document for your program
  • You would like to gain knowledge of your writing tendencies and areas to focus on as you revise
  • You would like to develop language with which you can refer to your academic writing and the skills you are building or focusing on
  • You feel uncertain about your writing abilities
  • You have returned to school after a break
  • You are new to APA style writing
  • You feel like an accomplished writer, yet recognize your own capacity for continued growth
  • You would like to build on a skill you will likely need and use during your career
  • You plan to someday publish your written work

As you can see by this list, paper review appointments are for writers of all levels! Because writing is a skill which grows over time, repeated visits can broaden your knowledge, expand your skills, and extend your use of resources to help you along your writing journey. Studies have shown that visiting the center three or more times can be particularly beneficial to academic success—so be sure to use this service to help enhance your skills and prepare you for the final written work in your program.

Student Testimonials

Interested in what other students have to say? Check out these student testimonials on their experiences with paper review appointments.

How Writing Reviews Have Helped

“I am so thankful for all of the help and guidance that my instructor has given me throughout my classes in order to obtain my masters degree. I would not have been as successful if it was not for my instructor. I would highly recommend them to other Walden students.”

“Thank you, Walden, for providing this help. I will make this a regular part of my routine as I write my masters capstone. Thank you for the honesty and help!”

“The writing center is my go-to place for peer review of my work. I feel confident handing in my assignments in my courses when the writing center has helped me with feedback in making my writing better. Thank you!”

What to Expect In Your Review

“The style of review is very clear and encouraging, this provides me with needed motivation to avoid getting frustrated.”

“This review was fun to read and easy to follow. The review also gave me some hope that my writing has improved and will continue to improve.”

“My instructor’s reviews are consistently balanced and motivating. I look forward to receiving their feedback and feel like I have developed with my APA writing style and MEAL plan formatting in a few short weeks. I am confident that I will exceed my expectations by the end of this course. Thank you.”

Exceeds Expectations

“I didn't think the writing center would be helpful, but I LOVE it now. Thanks for this experience.”

“Amazing, a lot easier and painless than I thought. Wish I had used this sooner!”


Would you like to share an experience with the Walden Writing Center? E-mail us at with any questions or comments and let us know!