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Paper Reviews: How to Prepare for Appointments

How to Prepare for Appointments

We are excited that you are interested in our paper review service and may have already signed up for an appointment. In order to make the most of this upcoming opportunity, we wanted to share some tips on how to prepare for your paper review appointment.

Set a Writing Goal

Establishing a clear writing goal is an excellent way to prepare for your paper review appointment and overall writing success. Writing goals help to define your primary concerns and objectives going into a paper review and enable your writing instructor to provide individualized feedback, supporting resources, and clear action steps toward your successful achievement of those goals. We recommend reviewing these resources on why to set a writing specific goal and how to establish effective goals before your first appointment. Afterward, be sure to share your writing goals with our instructors through your appointment form.

Reflect on Your Learning Style and Preferred Feedback Type

Everyone learns differently. Some students prefer visual examples in addition to explanatory comments to help them visualize the revisions needed. Other students favor more directive comments that quickly explain the writing concern before offering next step action items. Students similarly may desire the opportunity to explore related text, audio-visual, or self-paced resources before applying those ideas to their writing. There is no one right way to learn. We encourage you to learn more about and to share your preferred feedback style with our writing instructional specialists via your appointment form, so we can individualize our comments to fit your learning needs.

Prepare Questions

There may be specific questions or concerns you would like addressed in your paper review appointment. Perhaps you are interested in how to cite secondary sources, how to write a strong thesis statement, or whether it is appropriate to use semicolons or commas in a list. We are happy to answer those questions and more! In fact, we recommend sharing your questions in your appointment form or, when appropriate, inserting related comments in your paper. Although we only have a short time for each paper review and may not be able to answer a long list of questions, we always do our very best to address students’ questions and concerns. If you have pressing questions that require immediate feedback, or questions that may be unrelated to your appointment draft, we recommend reaching out to us at

Consider Asynchronous Nature of Appointments

Our paper review service is asynchronous—there is no live interaction or phone call. Instead students upload their paper to our myPASS scheduling system and, within two days of their appointment, receive individualized feedback on their draft from a writing instructional specialist. You do not have to wait by the phone or set aside time to be available for your review. We recommend you use that time to think ahead and consider when you will be able to complete your revisions. You might start by reviewing our general revisions strategies or suggestions for revising based on feedback.

Take a Break and Reflect on What You Have Accomplished So Far

As you prepare for your upcoming appointment, it is important to celebrate what you have accomplished already in the writing process—whether it be completing the first draft of an assignment, identifying and executing your paper’s outline, or incorporating feedback on your APA citations. It is easy to overlook these small victories, so don’t forget to applaud your achievements as a writer and thinker. This type of mindful reflection can help rejuvenate your spirits to tackle any revisions required after your paper review and keep you motivated on the path to achieving your writing goals. Be sure to check out our resources on mindful writing and self-care.

We hope these suggestions for preparing for a paper review appointment were helpful to you. To learn more about the practical steps of creating a paper review appointment, be sure to check out our web page on How to Make Appointments