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Paper Reviews: Appointment Policies

myPASS Schedules

myPASS includes three schedules:

  • Undergraduate Schedule: Use this schedule if you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree or submitting a draft for an undergraduate course.
  • Master’s Schedule: Use this schedule if you are pursuing a master’s degree or submitting a draft for a master’s-level or graduate certificate course.
  • Doctoral Schedule: Use this schedule for any doctoral coursework or drafts of the premise or prospectus as well as for post-doctoral certificate coursework.

We reserve the right to cancel appointments that should be on a different schedule.

Documents We Review

Paper reviews are reserved for students working on coursework and the doctoral premise or prospectus. Documents must be saved as .doc or .file formats (please note that myPASS does not support .docm files). If you need help with saving your document in a supported file type, contact Walden's MS Word tutors. Students who submit documents we don't review may have their appointment cancelled.

Writing instructional specialists review the following:

  • Discussion posts
  • Course papers
  • Master's theses or capstones
  • EdS capstones
  • Major assessments
  • Tempo assessments
  • Doctoral premises
  • Doctoral prospectus documents

We do not review the following:

  • Writing that is part of the doctoral proposal or capstone (dissertation, doctoral study, project study, or doctoral project). See What resources are available to help me write my capstone? for a list of resources available to doctoral capstone students.
  • PDFs
  • PowerPoints
  • CVs, resumes, or cover letters (visit the Career Planning and Development website for help with these documents)
  • Doctoral writing assessment essays
  • Documents that are not associated with a Walden course/personal documents

Deadline for Attaching a Paper

You may attach your paper to your myPASS appointment at the time that you make an appointment, or you may attach your paper at a later date. The deadline for attaching your paper is 5:00 a.m. Eastern time the morning of your appointment. Every appointment needs to have a paper attached by this deadline, even if you are attaching a revision of a paper that was already reviewed.

If you schedule a same-day appointment, meaning you reserve the appointment the same day the appointment occurs, you must attach your paper within 15 minutes of making your appointment.

If your paper has not been attached to your appointment by the deadline, we reserve the right to mark your appointment as missed.

Using Feedback and Making Revisions

Applying Feedback: Students are expected to apply feedback between appointments and drafts, regardless of whether they are submitting a revision or a new paper for review. This helps ensure that you are developing your writing skills and taking ownership of the revision process. If you are not applying feedback from one review to the next, even for different papers or the same section of a paper, we reserve the right to cancel your appointment. As long as we see effort to apply our feedback, students can make up to two appointments per week.

Submitting documents without comments: Documents that have many tracked changes and comments from faculty or other reviewers can be difficult to navigate. You’re likely to get more from your review if you attach a draft with previous feedback incorporated and without various tracked changes and comments present.

Paper Review Response Time

The staff of the Writing Center strives to serve students through timely responses to one-on-one reviews. Our standard response time is to review a paper the day of or the day after the appointment. However, in the event of extenuating circumstances (illness, emergencies, etc.), the Writing Center reserves the right to cancel or delay responses to paper reviews.

Content Questions

If you have questions related to the discipline-specific content of papers, you should direct them to course instructors, committee members, or mentors. Walden faculty members serve as content specialists for all academic programs, and students should defer to them on issues related to content development.

Word Processing and Formatting Help

Please review Walden’s Microsoft Word support material help with track changes as well as other Microsoft Word functions such as pagination, formatting, and creating a table of contents. Questions beyond the resources provided here should be directed to Microsoft Office Help.

Cancelled Appointments

Appointments may be cancelled by a writing instructional specialist if you violate the paper review service policies. One example includes not attaching a draft by the deadline. The deadline is 5 a.m. ET the day of the appointment for appointments reserved in advance. If you make an appointment for the current day, the deadline for attaching your paper is at the same time as making the appointment.

Continuous policy violations may result in a temporary deactivation of your myPASS account.

Sharing Writing Center Feedback with Faculty

As a policy, we do not copy or report our feedback to faculty members, and when faculty inquire about student appointments, we report only the number and dates of those appointments. If you would like to share our feedback with your instructor, you are welcome to e-mail our feedback to him or her. 

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