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Paper Reviews: How to Make Appointments

Following Appointment Policies

This page includes instructions for how to access and use the Writing Center's myPASS scheduling system. However, it does not include Writing Center policies for appropriate use of paper review services.

Before making an appointment, be sure that you have reviewed and understand all of the Writing Center's paper review policies. Doing so will ensure that your appointment is not cancelled or marked as missed.

You can skip down to the bottom of the page for video tutorials on using myPASS.

If you have any questions about appointment policies, paper reviews, or using myPASS, send them to

Getting Started With myPASS

To manage paper review requests, the Writing Center uses myPASS (my Paper Appointment Scheduling System), which is available here and via the Academics tab in your myWalden portal. You will use myPASS to make an appointment, attach your paper, and download your reviewed paper. myPASS is not associated with your myWalden account, so you will need to register before accessing it. To register, follow the steps on the myPASS log-in page. For additional help, view the video tutorials on using myPASS.

Making an Appointment

  1. Log in to myPASS. 
  2. Choose the schedule (Undergraduate Coursework Schedule, Graduate Coursework Schedule, or Preproposal Schedule) from the drop-down menu that matches the paper you want reviewed. Refer to our policies if you are not sure which schedule to use.
  3. Choose an open appointment on the schedule. Note that appointments are tied to dates but not times; the appointment times are only for organizational purposes. 
  4. An appointment form will open in a separate window. Fill out the appointment form.
  5. At the bottom of the appointment form, click SAVE APPOINTMENT.

Attaching Your Paper

Remember to review our policies for the deadlines and requirements for attaching your paper. Note that papers must be attached by 5am Eastern time on the day your appointment or within 15 minutes of making a same-day appointment.

To attach when you make an appointment: Complete the appointment form and then click SAVE APPOINTMENT at the bottom. You will then be prompted to attach a file to the appointment.

To attach at a later date: Log in to myPASS. Click on the yellow folder icon under your name at the top left of the schedule, and follow the instructions to attach a file to your appointment.

To attach an updated draft: If you attach a paper and later want to attach a different paper, simply follow the same steps for attaching a paper at a later date. Your writing instructor will review the latest draft you attach to your appointment.

To confirm an attachment: View your appointment and look for the file at the bottom of the appointment form.

Common attachment issues: Files must be in .doc or .docx format and cannot be larger than 1MB. If you need technical help with your Word document, contact the Academic Skills Center’s MS Word tutors.

Joining a Waiting List

If you are unable to find an appointment opening in the myPASS schedule, you can sign up for a waiting list for a particular date. You can sign up for as many waiting lists as you’d like. When you sign up for a waiting list, you will receive an e-mail notification if an appointment opening becomes available that day.

Alternatively, you can sign up to receive a text message notification instead of an e-mail. To request text message rather than e-mail, follow these steps:

  1. Log into myPASS
  2. Hover over your name and click on Update E-mail and Profile Options
  3. When you get to the Edit Your Profile page, scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see an area labeled Text Message Options
  4. Enter the phone number where you would like to receive texts. Be sure to also select your carrier from the dropdown menu.
  5. Click Edit Profile

When you receive a notice of an appointment opening, you must log in to myPASS and schedule the appointment. If the appointment slot is already filled, that means that someone else also received this notification list message and has already scheduled this appointment. If another appointment opens for that day, you will receive another notice.

To join a waiting list, click the clock icon located next to a date on the schedule. An Add to Waiting List window will open. You can choose to be notified of all open appointments that day or openings with a particular writing instructor on that day. Remember that our appointments are not tied to specific times, so there is no need to adjust the start and end times for the waiting list. Then click Add to Waiting List at the bottom of the window.

Canceling Your Appointment

If you will not be able to attach your paper to your appointment by the deadline, we ask that you cancel your appointment following the instructions below. Please note that students should only cancel an appointment before the appointment date, not the day of the appointment or after the paper has already been reviewed.

To cancel your appointment, follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to myPASS.
  2. On the schedule, click on the yellow box corresponding to your existing appointment.
  3. An appointment form will appear in a separate window. Scroll down to the bottom of the form and click on CANCEL THIS APPOINTMENT

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