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Grammarly: Incorporating Feedback

Incorporating Feedback

Now that you have the online Grammarly report, how do you integrate the feedback in your draft? First, note that you will need to make the changes to your original document in Microsoft Word—NOT in Grammarly itself. Although you can alter the text in the white box if you are working on the website, Grammarly does not save that text, and you will not be able to keep those edits. Likewise, you cannot edit your document in Grammarly online and will need to make changes in Word. If you are using Grammarly online, it might be helpful to print your report so that you can look over that report: That way, you will be able to keep your Microsoft Word document on your screen while you refer to the report in hard copy form. As for using Grammarly’s app, you could save a separate draft of your document and have them up side by side, or work to incorporate feedback as you go with track changes off. For more about how to incorporate the feedback in Grammarly’s Word App, review our page on Using the Grammarly App.

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Don’t see your error listed here?

Grammarly provides feedback in the form of long and short explanations of each error, including examples and sample suggestions for correction. If you’re still confused after reviewing Grammarly’s suggestions, you can always email us directly at! We are happy to help.