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Writing Resources for HINF 6100: Introduction to Health Informatics: Home

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HINF 6100 Assignment Style Guide

Discussion posts: Composing discussion posts and responses is one of your most common writing tasks at Walden. Take a look at the Writing Center's guidance on successful discussion board writing, including several helpful webinars.

Applications: You will write several application papers in this course. One useful shortcut for writing these papers is to download and use a preformatted template, which contains APA-compliant headers, spacing, and page numbering. This is a huge time-saver, and you'll be able to get more quickly to the work of research, writing, and organizing your ideas.

Scholarly Writing Basics


  • Use the APA course paper template to help with your formatting
  • Trouble with Microsoft Word? See the Academic Skills Center's resources here

Scholarly Tone

  • Be mindful of your point of view in scholarly writing
  • Avoid bias in your discussion posts and papers

Organization and Cohesion