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OASIS Writing Skills

Writing Resources for HINF 6100: Introduction to Health Informatics:
Weekly Tips

Weekly Tips Introduction

In HINF 6100, you have weekly assignments that require specific writing skills. To make these skills easier to master, we have provided writing information based on this course's particular weekly assignments. Click on the week (at the left of the screen) that corresponds with the current week of the course. Once you've clicked on the appropriate week, you will find definitions, resources, and useful tips to help you complete each assignment successfully! 

Key Definitions

Analyze: to break a text or topic down and examine its different parts

Compare/contrast: to examine two different elements to discover similarities and differences

Evaluate: to determine the significance or value of something by examining it closely

Reflect: to think about an issue deeply and consider its impact

Paraphrase: to express the main idea of a text in your own words and in a different form