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Intro to Form and Style Review: Other Doctoral Capstone Resources

Other Doctoral Capstone Resources

Feeling stumped about how to describe the purpose of your research, your approach, or your methods?  The Center for Research Quality has tutorials on all of these topics (and more!).  Click the links below to investigate.

The Doctoral Capstone Resources website pulls together all of the capstone support services provided by the university in one convenient place. This site provides resources for your doctoral capstone project—whether it is a dissertation, doctoral study, or project study. Students will find:

  • Program-specific requirements, checklists, and forms.
  • Resources to help them hone their research, writing, and critical thinking skills.
  • Guidelines for writing a proposal, developing a methodology, and more.

Finally, remember that your chair and other faculty members are your best resources for specific, content-related questions.