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Library Policies: Access Policy

Access policy

The Walden University Library provides access to library resources and services to all current students, faculty, and staff of Walden University. These resources and services include:

  • the Library website
  • licensed, commercial databases
  • Ask a Librarian service, via email and phone
  • Document Delivery Service

Walden University Student Access

All currently enrolled Walden University students have access to the Library website, articles, books, online collections, and our Ask a Librarian service. Please see the Document Delivery Service section of this policy for information about student access to that service.

Access to these services is dependent upon the students' good standing with the university, compliance with the Library policies of Walden University, and compliance with Walden University's Code of Conduct. Any violation of the university Code of Conduct will result in a report to the appropriate Program Director and potential loss of access to library services.

Students who require special assistance due to a documented disability are encouraged to contact Student Wellness and Disability Services.

Walden University Faculty Access

All Walden University faculty have access to the Library databases, Ask a Librarian service, and Document Delivery Service. Please contact the Library with any access questions.

Walden University Alumni Access

The Walden University Library provides research support to Walden University alumni through the Ask a Librarian service.

Public Access

The general public has access to, and is welcome to view, the Walden Library website, including archived webinars and guides.