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OASIS Writing Skills

Writing Resources for WMBA 6000: Dynamic Leadership:
Week Eight

How to Synthesize

  • This week marks the close of the class and, hopefully, your successful completion of another Walden course! I suggest you finish strong by remembering to use the discussion post best practices to complete this week's Shared Practice, "Can Leaders Manage and Managers Lead?" By day 3 of this week, you will want to analyze a leader's effect on a business environment, sharing two lessons this experience has taught you regarding the balance between leadership and management skills in your current position. An analysis is also required in your response, due by day 7 of this week, when you use this week's course readings and your personal experience to analyze a colleague's posting.
  • For your final assignment of the course, you are going to be doing something a bit different. By day 4 of this week, you are asked to use your well practiced analysis skills by performing a case analysis, "The Impact of Leadership at Ford Motor Company". You will want to summarize (providing a clear overview) and synthesize (putting those individual summaries, or overviews, in conversation with one another) different course readings to analyze the impact of leadership at Ford.  As always, be sure to read the particulars for this course assignment within the syllabus of your course. Also, be sure to respond using the particulars also listed under the "Response" section of this assignment by day 6. 

Watch our webinar on Synthesis!