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OASIS Writing Skills

Writing Resources for WMBA 6000: Dynamic Leadership:
Week Seven

Reflect and Summarize

  • In this week's Shared Practice, "Clarifying Your Goals with a Plan of Action," you get to turn all of your knowledge, determined by summaries and analyses or course readings and experience, into a personal action plan for personal and professional development by course day 3. To do so, be sure to read the particular questions you have been asked to answer in this week's post (as they are numerous). Next, continue to create strong posts by using the discussion post best practices. You will want to be well aquainted with the particular milestones you are asked to create this week, as you will need to critique these milestones in two or more colleagues posts by day 5. 
  • The second assignment for this week is a continuation of your Individual Reflection: Creating Goals for the Blueprint for Personal & Professional Growth. Specifically, you are asked to write an executive summary; specifics on how to craft this assignment are located in the Supporting Learning Docs folder in Blackboard. In addition to these guidelines, remember to:
    • Focus on the most important elements/concepts by getting right to the point. In other words, focus on analysis and not description or summary.
    • Explain how and why these elements are important in your own words.