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OASIS Writing Skills

Writing Resources for WMBA 6000: Dynamic Leadership:
Week Two

Organize Your Writing

  • In your "Leaders and Followers" discussion this week, you have a choice about the content of your original post. By day 3, you can either discuss how followers could have contributed to the effectiveness/ineffectiveness of a leader you discussed last week, or you can discuss how you, as a follower, could strategically work with a leader whom you admired. No matter the post option you chose, you will need to provide evidence (based on experience, current events, or course readings) to support your claims.
    • Remember to follow the discussion post best practices above to create a solid post that is worth your colleagues responding to.
    • Also, don't forget to respond to one or more of your colleagues by day 6!
  • This week, you will begin work on your first formal assignment, "Individual Reflection: Following and Leading," which is due by day 7. In this assignment, to best combine these 5 separate but related ideas, I suggest crafting a clear thesis statement and five indivual paragraphs to support each of these concepts. Your paragraphs should be organized with a clear topic sentence that states your main idea. If you have trouble organizing paragraphs, remember to use the MEAL plan.
    • M = Main Idea (or topic sentence)
    • E = Evidence (from course readings, experience, current events)
    • A = Analysis (your analysis or interpretation of the evidence you use, relating it to your topic sentence)
    • L = Lead out (or conclusion sentence)