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OASIS Writing Skills

Writing Resources for WMBA 6000: Dynamic Leadership:
Week Three

How to Paraphrase, Summarize, and Analyze

  • Hopefully in your course readings for this class, you have already had a couple of "ah-hah!" moments. In this week's Shared Practice assignment, "Leadership Competencies," you will use some of these lightbulb moments regarding your leadership competancy assessment to craft your post. Remember, you have been asked to provide "rationale" for your conclusions (which is code for providing evidence to support any claims or arguments you make).
    • In this and all postings, be sure that you correctly cite your evidence, which not only gives your claims credibility but helps you avoid unintentional plagiarism
    • Your initial posting is due on day 3, but you will want to provide a response (using the particulars found in the syllabus) to two or more of your colleagues by day 5.
  • By day 7 of Week 3, you are responsible for the "Leadership Theories" discussion post that asks you to flex your paraphrasing, summary, and analysis muscles. This discussion post is a bit different from past posts, as it should be in the form of a business email. For specifics on how to construct a business email, make sure to review the guidelines in the Learning Support Docs in Blackboard. You will also want to make sure your email includes correct APA citations and references