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OASIS Writing Skills

Writing Resources for WMBA 6000: Dynamic Leadership:
Week Four

Tips on Scholarly Voice

  • Week 4's discussion, "Leadership Theories," is a continuation of last week's assignment. By day 3 of this week, you are asked to respond to a colleague's post. You must use both summary and analysis in this post, as you must first summarize your colleague's post and then detail how it relates to your own. By examining the relationship between your colleague's leadership theory and your own, you are creating a successful analysis. 
  • Your second discussion this week was created to mirror a possible "Water Cooler Discussion on Leadership" at the office. First, you'll want to select the author and article of a leadership style that you found most compelling. Next, you'll summarize that article by providing a general overview of the important points and by paraphrasing key passages.
    • Don't forget, by day 7, you will want to respond to a classmate's post following the particulars of the response assignment in your syllabus. This explanation and response mimics a discussion one might have in the lounge or by the water cooler at work; however, you will still want to keep your tone scholarly! 


Learn how to effectively paraphrase!