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Walden Library Ed.D. Residency Student Resource Aid: Ed.D. Residency 1 Resources

How to find research articles

Full text at the Library

Scholarly research & evaluation


Reviewing published dissertations or project studies can give you ideas for flow and organization. You can see how all the pieces work together. They are a great place to find ideas for frameworks, methodology, and tests or surveys. Finally, they can have a lot of useful resources for you in their reference list. You can look dissertations up by degree, topic, or chair.

Staying Organized

The literature review requires organizing a variety of information. The following resources will help you develop the organizational systems you'll need to be successful.

You can make your search log as simple or complex as you would like.  It can be a table in a word document or an excel spread sheet.  Here are two examples.  The word document is a basic table where you can keep track of databases, search terms, limiters, results and comments.  The Excel sheet is more complex and has additional sheets for notes, Google Scholar log; Journal Log, and Questions to ask the Librarian.  

Short video help

For a full refresher and introduction to the Walden University Library visit the Foundations Library Resources Guide from your foundations course in term one.

Video: Education Databases and Doctoral Research Resources

(6 min 04 sec) Recorded April 2019

Video: Boolean Operators and Truncation

(2 min 23 sec) Recorded May 2017

Video: Sample Search in an Education Database

(2 min 29 sec) Recorded Aug 2016

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