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Walden Library Ed.D. Residency Student Resource Aid: Ed.D. Library Sessions

Library residency session

The Walden Library presents four sessions throughout Residency 1 and Residency 2.  These presentations will help acclimate you with the resources available in the Library for EdD students.  The Library is also available for personalized, one-on-one advising sessions during Residency.

Ed.D. residency 1 Library sessions

Opening Colloquium

The Library does a ten minute introduction during the Colloquium to introduce the staff and talk about the sessions they will be presenting during Residency.

Library Research for the Literature Review

This ninety minute required session will introduce students to Library resources, research beyond the Library and discuss how to approach information in a scholarly setting.  It covers basic Library skills, tips and techniques to get the maximum benefit from searching and includes time for a practice session to utilize this skills.

Library Workshop

The intent for this session is to work as a follow-up to the Library Research session.  Here, students will have the opportunity to share questions and answers with colleagues and instructors.  You will be able to hone in on the skills discussed in the first session as well as be introduced to some advanced researching skills and additional resources at the Library.  This ninety minute session is not required but strongly recommended!!

Ed.D. residency 2 Library session

Literature Review: Writing Center and Library

This session is designed to help you think critically about the Literature Review process.  Presented jointly with the Writing Center, students will gain advanced research strategies to help them successfully complete coursework and prepare to begin writing the prospectus and proposal.

Additional Residency Resources