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Search Strategy Description Samples: DBA Search Strategy Description Sample A

DBA Search Strategy Description Sample A

In the example below, notes follow some of the paragraphs. Highlighted sentences are for emphasis only (do not highlight sentences in your study).

From Section 1: Foundation of the Study of a DBA Doctoral Study

A Review of the Professional and Academic Literature

The following section is a review of the literature for the research study. This review provides insight on scholars’ studies of the impact of the Recession of 2007–2009 upon mortgage lending, default mortgage status, equity, cash flow value, property value, and loan features and their propensity to affect borrower decisions toward default. My study includes 184 references, of which 86% were from peer-reviewed sources and 86% were published within 5 years of my expected graduation. The total number of references in the literature review is 82, of which 86% from peer-reviewed sources and 86% published within 5 years of my expected graduation. References include dissertations, journal articles, government websites, and books.

Note the last three sentences of the previous paragraph. Including numbers and percentage values for your sources provides pertinent context for readers and reinforces your credibility.

The constructs of the expectancy theory were individual motivation and behavior, which influence a course of action toward a return for an expected result (Zhu, Nakata, Sivakumar, & Grewal, 2013). Both the expectancy of value theory and the expectancy theory were congruous throughout literature. The primary theory of the literature suggested the premise of a possible relationship between the variables or homeowner’s equity, rental cash flow value, recourse and default (Duffy & O’Hanlon, 2014; Whitman & Milner 2013). It was unknown whether a relationship existed. The primary research question was, What is the relationship between homeowner’s equity, rental cash flow value, recourse, and default mortgage status? The literature review expands the knowledge of why borrowers pursued default, explores the influence of GSE activities upon capital and credit policies, and reveals how mortgage securitization and lending practices affected banks. In the literature review, I also reveal the variables that influence default status and consider their effect upon mortgage losses and threats to capital reserve requirements.

The data inquiry included the following databases: Business Source Complete, Academic Search Complete EBSCO, ProQuest, Sage Premier, and Thoreau. I also accessed government websites and statistical databases. Congressional testimony, Federal Reserve Bank databases, and American FactFinder database (U.S. Census Bureau) websites examined for relevant data. Search terms included strategic default, mortgage, default, foreclosure, securitization, consumer credit, and borrower behavior.

Note the last sentence of the previous paragraph. Inclusion of search terms is helpful to readers and other researchers studying the same topic.

In order to identify what data were available, I explored the Fannie Mae Single Family database, Freddie Mac Single Family dataset, ProQuest statistical databases, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) database, and Shelby County Assessor database. Similarly, supplemental searches in the Fayette County, Tipton County, and Alameda County California Assessor websites, Shelby County, Fayette County, Tipton County, and Alameda County Deeds of Record websites provided additional data. I obtained peer-reviewed literature sources and statistical data from these databases in order to garner the research, data, and views of scholars and experts in the financial and social science disciplines on the topic of mortgage default.

Note the first two sentences of the previous paragraph. This author has searched a wide range of databases, which bolsters his or her credibility.