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Academic Skills Center
Academic Skills Center
Academic Skills Center
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Academic Skills Center:
Doctoral Peer Mentors

Our Doctoral Peer Mentor Program is meant to support your throughout your academic journey at Walden University.
Peer Mentor Program
Meet the Doctoral Peer Mentors
Peer Mentor Program
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Doctoral Peer Mentors are experienced Walden students who provide social support, advice, insider tips, and guidance to all incoming doctoral students in the first few months of their program.

If you are a new doctoral student beginning your program in January 2021 or later, you will automatically be paired with a peer mentor who will reach out to your student email address no earlier than one week before your start date.

Peer Mentor Support

Our Doctoral Peer Mentor Program is meant to support your throughout your academic journey at Walden University. Learn more about the Doctoral Peer Mentor Program by watching the above video.

Connecting with a Mentor

You’ll receive weekly emails from your peer mentor with helpful resources and strategies to help you build a foundation for success.

Beyond email, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Schedule individual appointments to talk with a peer mentor
  • Attend virtual group meetups to chat with peer mentors and other new students
  • Join the private Doctoral Peer Mentor Facebook group
  • Attend live events hosted by peer mentors throughout the year
  • Access the WDPM.8000 Doctoral Peer Mentor Program Classroom to locate helpful resources and communicate with other new students and peer mentors

Benefits of working with a mentor

Mentor-Mentee Interaction

The amount of interaction you have with your peer mentor is entirely up to you. You are not required to respond or participate in other activities offered by the program. There are many benefits to working with a peer mentor; however, you can opt-out of the program by submitting an Opt-Out Request if you prefer.

The most important tool to me, was the availability of my mentor for a chat. I got to the midway point and was so overwhelmed I was ready to throw in the towel. But it was just a feeling, and it passed.

And in no small part because I had access to my peer mentor, and she talked me down and we laughed about our missteps and how hard we work to keep the balance. It really turned me around.

Doctoral Peer Mentor FAQs

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