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Welcome to the Doctoral Peer Mentor Program!

Request a peer mentorIn this program, an experienced doctoral student (the mentor) provides social support to an incoming student (the mentee) during the beginning stages of the doctoral program. Mentors will connect with their mentees via e-mail and Skype to provide advice, insider tips, and guidance for student success and development. The mentor/mentee relationship will continue until the mentee successfully attends first residency or completes three terms, whichever comes first.

Would you like to be matched with a doctoral peer mentor?  Please click on the "Request a Mentor" button to complete a short mentor match request form. Our DPM Coordinator will connect you with a peer mentor. 

  • Note: Students must be in the first or second term of their doctoral program to work with a peer mentor in this program. Mentor assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis; students who do not receive a mentor assignment due to program popularity will be added to our Mentee Waitlist and assigned a mentor as soon as possible.

As of March 2019, a total of 664 new doctoral students are currently connected with a doctoral peer mentorHear what students are saying about the program today! 

Program Details

The Doctoral Peer Mentor program’s goal is to help incoming doctoral students establish social connections, adapt to their new identities as scholar-practitioners, and succeed in the first few terms of their doctoral journey.

During your participation in the Doctoral Peer Mentor program, your mentor will lead you through the 8 Savvy Steps to Success to help you become a Savvy Student. In the Doctoral Peer Mentor program, we describe a Savvy Student as someone who: 

  • Connects with peers, faculty, and staff
  • Is informed of resources and available support
  • Learns and applies new academic skills and strategies
  • Seeks out help when needed
  • Practices self-reflection

The 8 Savvy Steps to Success are listed below. Your mentor will provide more details.

8 Savvy Steps to Success: 1. Making connections, 2. Tips for Productivity, 3. Accessing academic support, 4. Doctoral support at Walden, 5. Attending your first residency, 6. Reflection and peer support, 7. Transitioning, 8. Continuing your success

The Doctoral Peer Mentor program offers hour-long group drop-in sessions hosted by doctoral peer mentors. During these sessions, you can drop-in to chat with two of our mentors to get immediate answers to your questions and connect with fellow students. You can stay for the whole hour, or come and ask questions and leave when you need to. If you are interested in joining our next group drop-in session, please email us at

Our next group drop-in sessions are scheduled for:​

Mentees can talk with their mentor via Skype for Business which is available in Office 365. Mentees and mentors determine the date and time to connect, and the mentor will send a Skype chat invitation to the mentee’s email. For help setting up and using Skype for Business to meet with your mentor, please see our instructional video series

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