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ASC Doctoral Peer Mentors: Mentorship Guidelines

Mentorship Guidelines

As a mentee participant, I will: 

  • Be proactive and engaged in my mentoring relationship.
  • Communicate with my mentor in a respectful and courteous manner. 
  • Inform my mentor of my preferred mode of communication and frequency of contact
  • Respond in a timely manner to my mentor’s outreach. 
  • Be open and honest with my mentor about my challenges and difficulties. 
  • Understand that my mentor may not be able to solve a problem and cannot review course assignments, but can instead offer me advice and refer me to the appropriate individual or department to discuss an issue or concern.
  • Contact my mentor only via the program's account: - or Walden's Skype for Business, rather than request my mentor's personal contact information. 
  • Notify my mentor when I plan to take a leave of absence from my program. Upon returning from a leave of absence, I will email to be reconnected with my mentor.

As a peer mentor, I will support my mentees by: 

  • Being actively engaged with my mentees during the first terms of their doctoral program.
  • Connecting mentees to resources critical to their doctoral student success. 
  • Providing helpful and applicable advice for new doctoral students at Walden. 
  • Personalizing the feedback and suggestions I provide for each of my mentees. 
  • Responding to email communications within 24 hours
  • Listening to my mentees and providing opportunities to share their concerns or questions
  • Fostering mentee self-confidence and motivation as a new doctoral student through encouragement, guidance, and “insider tips.”
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