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About: Social Change at the Writing Center


Social change is a part of Walden’s mission, and as a team of writing professionals, we believe writing can be a central tool for exploring, envisioning, expressing, and enacting social change. In addition, many of us volunteer in our local communities, conduct our own research around social change, and engage in meaningful dialogue around social issues.

Take a look below at our various resources and discussions of social change here at the Writing Center, and check back for updates, new resources, and new initiatives. You can also learn about the Writing Center’s social change committee by contacting Beth Nastachowski, committee chair, at

Recent Events & Activities

Writing for Social Change Resources

We also hope students are interested in learning more about how they can use writing to achieve their own social change goals. The following Writing Center resources address various aspects of writing and social change, and we encourage you to use these resources to help you think about how writing—including the academic writing you do at Walden—connects with social change. Of course, also see the Center for Social Change for more social change resources.

Webinar Recordings

Writing for Social Change webinar series:

  • Exploring Perspectives
  • Grant Proposals
  • Using Restorative Writing to Enact Social Change

Podcast Episodes

Our WriteCast podcast series has featured social change episodes. Visit the podcast player and select the following episodes to hear the conversation!

  • Restorative Writing Follow-Along Activity (Episode 61 Bonus)
  • Restorative Writing (Episode 61)
  • Writing for Social Change: Letters to Legislators (Episode 56)
  • Inclusive Language: Gender-Neutral Pronouns and Identity-First Language (Episode 46)
  • Social Change and Difficult Conversations (Episode 36)
  • Taking Your Academic Writing Outside of the Classroom (Episode 31)
  • How Academic Writing Helps You Beyond Academia (Episode 23)
  • Social Change and Scholarly Writing: Balancing Passion and Objectivity (Episode 4)

Transcripts for each episode are also available on the podcast webpage.

Blog Posts

We’ve explored social change in many different ways on our blog, including an explanation of our inclusive language policy, reflections on community partnerships and social change, and tips for how to write for positive social change. You can also hear from fellow students about their social change interests in our Student Spotlight series.

Browse more social change blog posts using the Social Change label.

Writing for Social Change in the Doctoral Capstone

Visit the Doctoral Capstone Form and Style website's page on social change for resources on writing about social change in the various, required areas of the doctoral capstone.

Writing Center Social Change Committee

The Writing Center’s Social Change Committee’s mission is to engage with Walden students and staff, as well as the rest of the Walden community, around social change. The committee’s purpose is to identify, prioritize, and coordinate Writing Center social change initiatives.

If you’d like to contact the committee, you’re welcome to e-mail the committee chair. We also encourage professionals from other writing centers or universities to contact us if you’d like to discuss your own engagement with your university’s mission and social change.

Current Committee Members