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About: Overview

Who We Are

The Writing Center provides a broad range of writing instruction and editing services for students at Walden University, including writing assistance for undergraduates, graduate students, and doctoral capstone writers. The Writing Center includes the Office of Writing Instruction and the Office of Academic Editing, with writing professionals in each office who specialize in helping students at various stages of their Walden education.

The Writing Center also offers support for faculty to guide their students' writing. The Writing Center is part of Walden University's Center for Academic Excellence, which provides many other services and resources to support student learning.

The Writing Center's Website and Multimedia Instructional Content

The contents of this website were created by Writing Center's professional staff, except where noted. The webinar recordings, modules, blog posts, podcasts, and other multimedia instructional content, which are housed on various platforms and linked on this website, were also created by the Writing Center's staff. All of this content is copyrighted by Walden University. The informational and instructional resources are made available online under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Creative Commons License

Please feel free to use, reuse, copy, and distribute the instructional content on our pages! We ask that you simply include a statement acknowledging us as the creators of the content and link to the Creative Commons license. Sample statement:

This instructional content was created by the Walden University Writing Center and is reused under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

The images are copyrighted by the respective photographers and creators; please contact us if you are interested in reusing these images.

Guiding Principles for the Writing Center's Website

  • The main goal of the website is to provide effective multimodal writing instruction on grammar and composition, scholarly writing, and APA style.
  • The website acknowledges students' expectations and knowledge while encouraging continuing learning and growth in writing proficiency.
    • The website takes into account Walden University students' specific needs for writing instruction.
    • The website encourages students' self-efficacy and builds their self-perceptions about writing.
  • Whenever possible, the website's contents model APA style such as with use of italics, numbers, quotations, and reference lists.
  • As fully as possible, the website's contents will be screen reader and keyboard accessible or provide appropriate alternatives and accommodations.
  • The website presents the Writing Center as a staff of writing professionals (rather than peer tutors) and emphasizes the expertise of our staff.