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OASIS Live offers opportunities for you to engage live with writing experts, Peer Mentors, and fellow students via Live Group Writing and Live Q and A.

Live Group Writing

Hold yourself accountable and make progress on your academic projects alongside other Walden students. There are two Group Writing options: 

Live Writing Accountability Sessions

If you find yourself thinking: Writing is lonely, or I need help holding myself accountable to my writing assignments, you’re in luck! Join an OASIS Peer Mentor for a Live Writing Accountability session, where you can write independently in the company of other Walden students who are also working on their own course assignments and writing projects.

  • Each session begins with a welcome, brief conversation, and sharing of a personal writing goal that can be accomplished within the designated work time.
  • You’ll then engage in 80 – 90 minutes of focused, independent work time.
  • Each session concludes with self-reflections of goal accomplishment and resource sharing.

Register today and make progress on your academic projects alongside a supportive community of peers! 

Live Writing Accountability Session quick facts:

  • Designed for all Walden students
  • 2 hours long
  • Facilitated by an OASIS Peer Mentor
  • Includes goal sharing, independent work time, and resource sharing
  • Limited to 10 students per session

Register for a Writing Accountability Session

Live Q and A

Join an OASIS Writing expert for a live, informal Q&A to get answers to your writing and APA questions and learn about helpful resources designed to aid you through your academic journey.  

Live Q and A quick facts:

  • Open to all students
  • 1 hour long
  • Facilitated by an OASIS writing expert
  • Includes unstructured Q&A and resource demos
  • Limited to 10 students per session  

Register for OASIS Live Q and A

Access OASIS’s myPASS scheduling system to sign up for OASIS Live sessions. If you are new to myPASS, you will need to register for an account with your email address. We look forward to connecting with you!

Live Connect and Learn

Want to move beyond survival mode and learn to thrive with the support of other Walden students? Connect and Learn sessions are designed to provide you with opportunities to meet and talk live about academic success topics with the support of an OASIS Peer Mentor. Topics include:

  • Building Connections as Online Learners
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Time Management and Overcoming Procrastination
  • Self-Care, Finding Balance, and Avoiding Burnout
  • Overcoming Student Anxiety
  • Learning to Learn and Growth Mindset 
  • Problem Solving for Success

Don’t just survive; thrive! Join others in striving to evolve and succeed together.

Register for a Connect and Learn Session

OASIS Live Connect and Learn Quick Facts:

  • Designed for all Walden students
  • 1 hour long
  • Facilitated by an OASIS Peer Mentor
  • Limited to 10 student per session