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Introduction to the Doctoral Peer Mentor Program - Transcript

Video published on December 17, 2019

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Last updated 12/12/2019


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Audio: Terren Rye: Hello! My name is Terren Rye. I’m the Associate Director of Mentoring and Tutoring in the Academic Skills Center here at Walden University. Today I want to introduce you to the Doctoral Peer Mentor program. If you are a new doctoral student in your first or second term, this program is designed for you!

If you choose to join this program, you will be connected with a peer mentor who is a Walden doctoral student, just like you, who is further along in their program. Our goal is to help you establish social connections, adapt to your new identity as scholar-practitioners, and help you build a foundation for success in your doctoral program. Your mentor will connect with you weekly via email to provide insider tips, resources, and to share their own experiences, using our Savvy Steps to Success. Through their messaging, they will help you to become a Savvy Student who connects with peers, faculty, and staff, is informed of resources and available support, learns and applies new academic skills and strategies, seeks out help when needed, and practices self-reflection.

Now that you know a little bit more about our program, here’s Christy Fraenza, the coordinator of the doctoral peer mentor program, to tell you more about how you can request a peer mentor and the options you’ll have to connect with your mentor.

Audio: Christy Fraenza: 

Thanks, Terren! Requesting a peer mentor is quick and easy! You can go to our Doctoral Peer Mentor request form located on our website. Just fill in the requested information, including your student ID number and Walden email address, and I’ll take it from there! Once I receive your request, I will verify your eligibility for the program, and If you qualify, a mentor will reach out to you via your Walden email address no earlier than 1 week before your term start.

As Terren mentioned, you will receive weekly emails from your mentor. But, you’ll have other options to connect with your mentor, such as joining our Facebook group, scheduling a time to chat, or attending one of our virtual Monthly Meetups where you can come ask questions and meet other doctoral students just like yourself. The amount of interaction you have with your mentor is entirely up to you. You’ll receive weekly emails, but connecting beyond email is completely optional.

Audio: Terren: Thanks, Christy!

We hope you will take advantage of the doctoral peer mentor program. Students who connect with a mentor have increased rates. In addition, students have shared positive feedback and reviews about their experience working with a peer mentor.

We look forward to supporting you as you begin your own doctoral journey here at Walden University. If you have any questions about the doctoral peer mentor program, please e-mail us at

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