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Savvy Student Newsletter:
December 2021

Academic Skills Center's

Savvy Student Newsletter

End of Year Note from the Director

Hello, Walden students! With the year’s end drawing near, I want to applaud you for your persistence and successes in 2021. We in the Academic Skills Center were grateful this year to offer instructional support to you and thousands of your peers at Walden. Check out how many of your fellow students we helped!

  • 5,400 students received social support and guidance from our Peer Mentors
  • Our Savvy Student Blog had over 65,000 views
  • Over 6,000 hours of videos have been watched
  • Over 90,000 resources were viewed from searches through our websites, the Portal, and the Classroom!

Please reach us at for more ways we can support your instructional success here at Walden. Best wishes for a peaceful holiday season and a happy 2022!


- Dr. Melanie Brown, Director, Academic Skills Center

Melanie Brown


New Mindset Workshops!

The Peer Mentor team is now offering Mindset Workshops for both Undergraduate and Doctoral Students.

These Workshops are different from typical Live Events as they include time for Self-Assessment, Discussion, and Reflection. Come prepared to listen, engage, and work on developing your mindset! 

This is a three-part series that includes 

  • Workshop #1: Building/Developing Grit
  • Workshop #2: Developing a Growth Mindset
  • Workshop #3: Goal Setting and Self-Reflection 

You do not need to attend all three sessions to benefit from this series, and you can register for any session even if you have not taken the previous session. 

Learn More and Register for Workshops

Upcoming Events

Building Connections

Thursday, December 16, 2021
from 7:00 - 8:00 pm EST

Feeling isolated as an online learner? Hosted by two Walden peer mentors, this live event will provide strategies for building connections in a virtual environment.

Register for Building Connections

New eTutoring Appointments for RSCH 8210

Students in RSCH 8210 can now submit questions through the appointment form in the eTutoring Schedule. A statistics tutor will reply to your student email with instructional advice, tips, and resource referrals.

Learn More About Stats Tutoring

Dr. Charles Guthrie


Program: PhD Social Psychology

Graduation Date: May 2021

Charles was a statistics tutor that specialized in SPSS, Statistics, Excel, and R.

"You quickly adapted to student needs in the tutoring program. Walden students sung your praise, and we know that will only continue in your future endeavors!"
-from Dr. Janine Allwright

Dr. Michael Gomez-Melendez

Program: PhD in Health Services

Graduation Date: June 2021

Michael was a peer tutor that specialized in SPSS, Statistics, Excel, and Math. "Thank you for your dedication to supporting students over the four-plus years you served in the ASC. You are a true example of resiliency and determination when completing a PhD no matter the hurdle."
-from Dr. Janine Allwright

Dr. Suzanne King

Program: Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)

Graduation Date: June 2021

Suzanne was a peer tutor that specialized in SPSS, Statistics, and Excelh. "Thank you for dedicating your time and energy to supporting students. Your positive easy-going demeanor will be missed in the ASC. We wish you all the best on your next adventure!"
-from Dr. Janine Allwright

It's important to remember that your self-care is unique to you. Your self-care shouldn't require a concerted effort. It should be whatever activity you enjoy, is easily incorporated into your everyday life, and that brings you peace of mind.
-Julie Uribe, Walden Student Student Photo

Find a positive hobby! Staying busy with favorite activities can be a great way to block out the negative and focus on the positive. My fun hobbies include baking, cooking, watching movies, reading books, and playing video games. Spending time on positive activities can help recharge your focus back on schoolwork.
-Annam Inayatullah, Peer Tutor

Choose a day of rest. One day per week, I do not allow myself to do any schoolwork at all. This means I have to be extra focused on getting work done somewhere else in the week, but—trust me—it’s worth it. One full day of not worrying about coursework lets me enjoy my time in whatever way I choose and leaves me feeling refreshed.
-Shannon Gentry, former Peer Mentor and Walden AlumnaStudent Photo

Interested in more Savvy Strategies? 

Your Academic Skills Center offers a variety resources, including tips and advice from Peer Mentors on subjects such as, 


Success Strategies

Whether you are looking for strategies for School-Life Balance, Self-Care, or are interested in finding new Learning Strategies and developing your reading skills, we have a variety of resources to help you succeed.


From NVivo PDFs to One-Way ANOVA APA Write-Up videos, our resources cover a wide variety of statistical topics to help you in your coursework. Visit our Statistics Home Page today!


Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is an essential part of your journey; whether it is formatting in Word or creating a presentation in PowerPoint. Visit our Microsoft Office Page today!


Visit the Academic Skills Center website!




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