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Library Webinar Archives: Public Policy & Administration

Introduction to Public Policy and Administration Research

Video: Introduction to Public Policy and Administration Research (YouTube)

Recorded June 2019 (36 min 21 sec)

Advanced Research in Policy and Administration

In this webinar, students will learn advanced search strategies for subject-specific scholarly databases. We will also discuss pertinent parts of the Library's homepage and some helpful resources advanced-level students have at their disposal.

Video: Advanced Research in Public Policy & Administration (YouTube)

Recorded June 2019 (41 min 37 sec)

Introduction to Government Websites

This webinar is designed for students from all fields and program levels interested in learning the basics of finding government documents online. Topics covered include defining government documents, learning when/why we need government documents, and, most importantly, learning where to look for government documents. We will look at resources that cover all three branches of government, as well as others that are more specific.

Video: Introduction to Government Websites (YouTube)

Recorded January 2018 (49 min 34 sec)

How to Find Case Law and Legal Research

In this webinar, students will be introduced to legal research. We will define key legal terminology, identify when we might need legal documents, and discuss general obstacles that we encounter when doing legal research. Students will learn how to search for case law and other legal documents in the Gale OneFile: LegalTrac and Nexis Uni databases, as well as Google Scholar and select government websites. We will discuss how to access both primary and secondary legal documents, and how to optimize searches in each database.

Video: Finding Case Law and Legal Documents (YouTube)

Recorded September 2018 (44 min 10 sec)

Health Policy and Medical Law

Medical practice has been greatly impacted by policy both recent and historically. Additionally, many legal cases have shaped these policies over time. This session will cover how to identify and find relevant policies and legal cases related to healthcare

Video: Health Policy and Medical Law Research (YouTube)

Recorded June 2018 (41 min 52 sec)

Introduction to social welfare policy research

Video: Introduction to Social Welfare Policy Research (YouTube)

Recorded June 2018 (44 min 27 sec)

Come to your Census: Demystifying and Accessing Census Data

Video: Come to your Census Demystifying and Accessing Census Data (YouTube)

Recorded Jan 2019 (40 min 03 sec)

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