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Journals: Journals by Title

Find an exact journal in Walden Library

  1. Search for the journal title on the Journal search page. For example, you may want to see if the Library has the Harvard Business Review.
  2. If the journal is available, click the Full Text Access link to see which database(s) may have the journal you need.

    Note: For Harvard Business Review, there are several databases that have it. Check the publication year information listed after each database link to choose the database with the best coverage.

    Note: Some journals have the same, or very similar, names. Different ISSN numbers listed under the journal title in the search results are a clue these are different journals; an ISSN is a number that identifies a specific journal.
  3. Click the database links for more information about each journal. The publisher, location, and journal description may help you determine if it's the one you want.
  4. Once inside the journal, browse specific issues by clicking a year of interest then choosing a volume and issue.


Need help? Ask a Librarian.

Find an exact journal on the Web

You may want to find a journal's website to:  

  • find details about its editorial board, submission guidelines, peer review process, and more
  • browse article abstracts (free full text may not be available)
  • get its homepage URL to cite proper APA when the article has no DOI.

To find a journal's website:

  1. Go to Google or another search engine.
  2. Enter the journal title in quote marks to search as a phrase. Add the word journal if it's not part of the official title.

    For example, you might enter "personality and social psychology review" journal.

    Note: Be sure to use the quotation marks. They search for that exact phrase.
  3. The journal you want should be near the top. If the journal name is generic, you may need to click a few results to find the one you need.