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Journals: Journals by Subject

Browse journals in the Walden Library by discipline

Browse all journals at Walden Library by broad subject category. Looking for journals on a subject or topic? Be warned!, the categories may be too broad to be useful.

  1. Go to the Browse publications by subject tool.
  2. Sign in with your myWalden user name and password if requested.
  3. Click a Discipline.
  4. Look at the limiters on the left side to narrow your results.

Discover journals on the web

Randomly searching for journals online is not a good way to discover them. Because the open web covers so much, your search will produce a lot of false leads, and you will not get a comprehensive understanding of the extent of research journals available on a topic. 

For best results:

  1. Go to Google or another search engine.
  2. Enter your topic of interest plus some variation on journal, like academic journal or scholarly journal or simply journal. Each will give you slightly different results.

    For example, you might enter community colleges academic journal to try to find journals focused on community colleges.

  3. Scan the results for the names of journals. Some links will take you to journal websites while others will not. Distinguishing the difference by the website link title alone is difficult; you may need to click several links to find what you want.

Need articles on a topic?

For articles on a topic, search in a database. You will cover hundreds to thousands of journals at once, and you can better ensure the articles address your specific topic.

More information: