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Full-Text Books: Find an Exact Book

Examine your citation

Citations for books list the publisher. In the example below the publisher is Routledge.

Marturano, A., & Gosling, J. (2008). Leadership: The key conceptsRoutledge.

If instead you see volume and issue numbers, it's an article citation (Find an article by journal).

When trying to find a book, first identify the book's title. It's usually obvious when the citation is for an entire book like the one above, but don't be fooled by book chapter citations!

Gabby, J. & le May, Andree. (2009). Practice made perfect: Discovering the roles of a community of general practice. In A. le May (Ed.), Communities of practice in health and social care (pp. 49-65). Wiley-Blackwell.

Note: The book title for this citation is Communities of practice in health and social care.

If you have a book title, you can search for it using the Library book search. 

If you need a more complete citation, search Google or Google Scholar with the information you have to fill in the gaps. You can also contact us, and we'll help investigate.

Find specific books using the book search

Search by title using the Library book search.


  1. Enter the title into the book search box. Use quotes around the title to find the exact title.

  2. Click the search icon.
  3. Click the Find @ Walden button to access the book.

No full text in Walden Library?

Here are your options:

  1. Look for a full book or preview online at Google Books, Open Library, and more.
  2. Find it at a local library.
  3. Use Document Delivery Service (for book chapters only, not entire books). It can take 7-10 business days to get the book chapter.

If your exact book or book chapter isn't important, we can help you find a similar item. Contact the library and tell us about your topic, and we'll give you search suggestions to find related, full-text resources.

Need a textbook?

We do not have textbooks in the library. Buy required texts at the Walden Bookstore, or wherever you want. Just be sure to get the right edition!

In some courses, your textbooks will be sent to you. If you have questions, call 800-325-3252 or contact the Bookstore

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