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More APA Style Guidelines: Appendices


APA 7 addresses appendices and supplemental materials in Section 2.14 and on page 41. As a general guide, appendices are appropriate for any material that, if presented in the main body of the document, would unnecessarily interrupt the flow of the writing. In Walden doctoral capstone studies, you may include some appendices with supplementary information. If so, remember that

  • The appendices follow the reference list.
  • They are lettered A, B, C, and so forth. If you have only one appendix, however, simply label it Appendix.
  • Appendices are paginated continuously in the upper-right corner of all pages.
  • The materials in the appendix must not extend beyond the margins of the rest of the document: Reduce the size of the appendix materials as needed.
  • Appendices are labeled following the ordering of appendices in the text (APA 7, Section 2.14). Appendix A should be the first appendix referred to the text and the first appendix in the appendices.
  • Tables and figures are placed in separate appendices. The appendix title serves as the title for a table if it is the only table in the appendix. These tables and figures are not included in the Table of Contents.
  • If you decide that certain tables and figures should appear in the same appendix, number them A1, A2, A3, and so forth, according to the appendix in which they appear. Add these tables and figures to the List of Tables or List of Figures, following the last table or figure from the narrative chapters.
  • Personal contact information or other sorts of identifying information from any materials in an appendix should be deleted. This will protect your privacy and that of any other researchers, mentors, or participants.
  • Any consent form(s) you may have included at the proposal or IRB review stages should be deleted.
  • Letters of permission should be included in an appendix. Any published material not in the public domain requires permission from the copyright holder. Note that permission to use a published survey instrument or other test instrument is a separate permission and must be included in your manuscript. See the ProQuest information on copyright and permissions in graduate research.