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Writing Resources for HMNT 3001C: Week 5

Week 5: Write Your Final Project

This week you bring everything together into a 1,500-2,000-word Final Project. To plan your paper:

  • Access the Course Paper Template on the Writing Center’s website. Download and save it to your computer. This template will serve as the base for your Final Project, ensuring that you have an appropriate title page, spacing, and pagination.
  • Read through the assignment instructions in BlackBoard. Copy them into your MS Word template and re-save the template file as your Final Project. These instructions should form the outline for your paper; under each instruction, write content that addresses that component of the assignment. With an outline in place, it is easier to keep yourself focused on the paper’s topic and requirements.
  • Consider making an appointment with Writing Center staff for a review once you have a completed first draft.
  • Before submitting your Final Project in the classroom, remove the instructions from your paper or shorten them into headings.
  • This Final Project calls for at least 5 additional sources. As you continue to research and revise, remember to note down the publication information for these sources and follow APA style in citing and referencing.