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Writing Resources for HMNT 3001C: Week 2

Week 2: Organize Your Paper and Reference Artifacts

Once you have chosen your two artifacts, you must dig in and trace the history of those artifact categories over time. This history should take the form of a 400-500-word paper that is clear and well-organized. To organize your paper overall, make sure you have

  • An introduction, in which you give background on the topic and present the purpose of the paper
  • Body paragraphs, in which you integrate evidence from academically relevant sources to answer the assignment questions
  • A conclusion, in which you reflect on the overall significance of the information

Referencing Your Artifacts

* Don't forget to use a hanging indent to format these entries in your reference list.

** For each of these references, only use a URL if you watched/listened to the source online.


A Film, TV Show, Music Video, or Song


A Film or Video

Director, D. (Director). (Year). Title of the film [Film]. Production Company. https://xxxxx

** You can change the bracketed descriptive information to reflect how you watched the film or video if you need to specify the version used (e.g. [Film; educational DVD] or [Film; streaming online]).


A TV Episode

Writer, A. (Writer), & Director, A. (Director). (year, month day). Title of episode (Season #, Episode #) [TV series episode]. In A. Producer (Executive Producer), Title of series. Division of Studio; Studio. https://xxxxxx


A TV Series

Producer, A. (Executive Producer). (range of years aired). Title of television series [TV series]. Studio. https://xxxxxx


A Music Video

Producer, A. (Producer), Director, A. (Director), & Artist, A. (year). Title of the video [Music video]. Division of Studio; Studio. https://xxxxxx


A Song

Artist, A. (year). Title of song [Song]. On Title of album. Division of Studio; Studio.


An Album

Artist, A. (year). Title of album [Album]. Division of Studio; Studio.



Printed Material


A Magazine Article

Author, A. (Year, Month Day). Title of the article. Magazine Title, v(i), pp-pp.


A Book

Author, A. (year). Title of the book. Publisher.


* If you obtained an article or book online from an open access site and no DOI exists, use an exact URL. If you used the print version or an online version without a DOI that you found in a common academic research database, end reference with the page range. See p. 320, Example 15, of the 7th edition APA manual for more guidance here. 


An Advertisement

Company or Organization Name. (Year, Month Day). Title of the advertisement [Advertisement]. Magazine Title, v(i), pp-pp.


Need more help referencing your artifacts? Send an email to the Writing Center at [email protected]