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OASIS Writing Skills

Writing Resources for NURS 4000/4001:
Week 3

Week 3: Critically Read Articles

Writing a 5-6-page article summary and evaluation requires that you read very carefully. For this assignment, you need to choose two articles from the Week 3 Articles list. As you read each article, pay attention to the key details of author, research problem, study design, sample, and results. Jot down notes or highlight where these details can be found.

Remember: For this assignment, you must move beyond summary to assess each study's strengths and weaknesses. In addition to thinking about key details then, ask yourself questions:

  • Is the article scholarly and current?
  • Is the design suited to the study’s problem and purpose?
  • Did researchers show bias?
  • Is the sample size appropriate?
  • Does the research exhibit (as applicable) credibility, transferability, dependability, confirmability, validity, and reliability?

See this page for more information on reading like a scholar.