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Sherry WilsonSherry Wilson

"My advice to Walden students is to stay in it to win it! Every step adds to what you have accomplished. Your degree may be at the end, but rewards are given every day if you stay in the game. Remember, you are not in this alone." 

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Transcript: Meet Walden's Peer Mentor: Sherry Wilson

Current Walden Program: BS, Psychology with a concentration in Counseling

Professional Goals: To obtain licensure as a mental health clinician and open a transitional home

Location: Virginia

Hobbies and Interests: Fishing, cooking, dancing, making memories with my grandchildren

My Academic Journey

My Academic Journey



Why did you choose Walden for your undergraduate degree?

I like that Walden demonstrates an awareness of social issues and strives to make the world better.

What has been your favorite class at Walden (to date) and why?

Cross-Cultural Psychology. This class really challenged me to examine my biased opinions and stereotypical thinking.

What have you learned about yourself so far on your academic journey?

Multi-tasking is my downfall, while time-management is key.

What is one fear or anxiety you had about starting school that you no longer have?

Too old to start something new.

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My Mentorship Experiences

My Mentorship Experiences

Who is your academic, professional, or personal mentor?Why has this person been so important to you?

Dr. Tracy Gibson is my personal mentor. She is also a Walden alumna. She is innovative, resilient and perseveres in the mental health field.

Why did you want to be a peer mentor?

Seeing others enjoy success and complete goals brings me satisfaction. I also have over ten years of biblical counseling and mentoring experience.

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Sherry Wilson



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