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Academic Skills Center
Academic Skills Center
Academic Skills Center
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Staff Bios:
Sarah Cummins, Peer Tutor


Sarah Cummins

"I encourage others to always continue the journey of self-education, even after the degree is earned. Just as our passions in life should be the focus of our career pursuits, so should continual learning. Collaborate with those who are passionate about the same topics, connect with those who have experiences and knowledge you desire to have, confide in others who can help you reach your goals, and continue to ask questions without fear knowing that those with answers have asked similar questions and have been where you are currently."

About Me

About Me

Tutoring Subject Area: Statistics/SPSS

Current Degree Program: Ph.D. Psychology

Location: Texas

About Sarah: My greatest passion in life is encouraging and empowering people to take ownership of their lives through being their own advocates, especially in all areas of mental, emotional, and physical health. In a world filled with chronic illnesses and epidemics, it is paramount to enlighten people with facts on how to implement lifestyle changes to transform health and wellness. Empowering people to educate and advocate for themselves is something I deeply care about and strive to do by leading through my own example. I believe in living authentically and confidently, embracing who you are, and implementing the unique skillsets you have to make positive differences in the world one human at a time. After I complete my degree, I desire to start my own business focused on positively impacting the mental, emotional, and physical health and wellness of people by providing the knowledge, resources, and support necessary to thrive in life.

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My Role as a Peer Tutor

My Role as a Walden Peer Tutor



Why I enjoy my role as a Walden Peer Tutor

As someone who is passionate about encouraging and empowering others, I love helping fellow students learn and perform well in their courses. The knowledge I have gained came through taking advantage of incredible tutoring services, and it makes me proud to contribute to helping students succeed by being a source of support and assistance.

What students can expect from me as Peer Tutor

My empathetic and nurturing nature cultivates an environment of compassionate care and patient collaboration with students looking to improve their knowledge and skillsets. I will encourage and alleviate anxiety first and foremost, helping students build confidence by realizing their abilities to soak up knowledge and retain it. I am a highly organized, detail-oriented, analytical, and logical individual who communicates effectively and assists students in problem-solving. Every tutoring session is personalized and focused on the specific needs of each student, allowing space for students to share how they feel and then come up with solutions for the tasks they face. My easy-going and calm personality puts students at ease and gives them the freedom to release anxieties and feel heard during sessions.

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