Emily Bruey

Emily Bruey

"My advice to Walden students is to be present. As an undergraduate student, I often felt like I was going through the motions, doing whatever it took to earn an A. Looking back, I regret that I did not fully appreciate the value of what I was learning and who I was learning with. Strive to stay engaged with your coursework, your instructors, your support staff, and your classmates— they all matter to your success at Walden and may play an important role in your academic or professional future."

About Me

About Me

Research Interests: Individualized support programs; student retention; universal design curriculum; adult learners; online education

Social Change Interests: Educational equity; serving first-generation and English Language Learners

Location: Maine

Joined Walden: 2020

About Me: A former online writing instructor, tutor, and student support specialist, I have always been a strong proponent of online education, mentorship, and individualized instruction. I joined Walden in 2020, eager to serve as Coordinator of the Undergraduate Peer Mentor Program and further the ASC’s mission to provide personalized, peer-to-peer support to undergraduate students. Outside of Walden, I am an avid reader, hiker, and yogi. I live in Maine with my husband, cat, and dog.


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What I do in my role as Coordinator of the Undergraduate Peer Mentor Program:

My Role as Coordinator of the Undergraduate Peer Mentor Program



What I do in my role as Coordinator of the Undergraduate Peer Mentor Program

I support and guide a team of peer mentors, as they support and guide their fellow undergraduate students. My work relies on my background in student support, as well as my appreciation for organization. I provide training to peer mentors, while also performing administrative tasks, such as tracking and reporting on data and helping to manage the program website.

My favorite project

I’m brand new to Walden, but in the past, I’ve particularly enjoyed curriculum design projects: defining overarching objectives and working backwards to design activities which will help students achieve those objectives is incredibly satisfying. As Coordinator of the Undergraduate Peer Mentor Program, I will be responsible for creating and maintaining training materials for new peer mentors. I look forward to applying my knowledge of best practices in mentorship, as well as my experience in curriculum writing to design training resources.


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