Carnesha Ben

Carnesha Ben

"My advice to students is to challenge themselves by stepping out of their comfort zones and to refrain from suffering in silence. Sometimes we may be prone to withdraw and figure things out alone, limiting the chance of establishing meaningful connections with peers, staff, and faculty. It is your journey, so take advantage of all opportunities and resources that come your way. You are not alone on this incredible journey."

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About Me

Current Walden Program: PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision

Education: MS in Rehabilitation Counseling, BA in Psychology

Professional Goals: Once I obtain my doctorate, I plan to apply for tenure-track faculty positions. Also, becoming a licensed supervisor to mentor and guide licensed associate counselors (LACs) in sharpening their professional identities in the mental health field is on the list. Lastly, my heart is in giving back to the community and being of service to those from disadvantaged populations. With this in mind, I will open up a private practice offering counseling services and mentorship opportunities for college students. 

Location: Arkansas (Central Time Zone)

Research Interests: Racial microaggressions, racism, college students of color, multicultural competency in CES programs and clinical practice

Hobbies and Interests: Hiking, writing, reading, avid solo traveler, and documentary watcher

My Doctoral Journey

My Academic Journey

Why did you choose Walden University?

Choosing Walden University was an easy decision for me. The emphasis on social change and becoming a voice for disadvantaged populations while developing essential skills to become an agent of social change caught my attention. Before Walden, I wasn’t aware of social change. Now, I value and appreciate the altruistic components Walden integrates into the curriculum and know that obtaining my degree from this university ensures that I will receive the necessary training to impact the local community positively.

What has been your favorite class at Walden (to date) and why?

COUN 8135 Clinical Supervision has been my favorite class because it presents an opportunity to teach and guide master-level students entering Practicum. I enjoyed discussing the importance of multiculturalism and the value of identifying appropriate strategies when faced with ethical dilemmas. There are many grey areas in counseling, so it was vital to inform clinicians in training about potential situations they might face in their sites or careers.

What have you learned about yourself so far on your academic journey?

I have surprised myself various times throughout this journey. I realized this quarter that I am more resilient than I recognize. There were times when I could have quit, but my resiliency abilities rescued me each time.

My Mentorship Experiences

My Mentorship Experiences

Who is your academic, professional, or personal mentor? Why has this person been so important to you?

My Walden academic advisor is my mentor. He is unaware of this, but he has been an essential individual throughout this journey. He has been consistent with his motivation and encouragement from the day we met. He is always upfront about things and listens. I am very grateful to have him on this journey with me.

What is a fear or anxiety you had about starting school that you no longer have?

I had a lot of anxiety about understanding the content and surviving a doctoral program. Admittedly, my confidence was low entering the program. Now, I can confidently say that I have grown a lot in various ways thanks to this academic journey, and my anxiety is at an all-time low.

Why did you want to be a peer mentor?

I remember entering the CES experiencing the imposter syndrome and questioning whether I had made the right decision. Because of the resources, staff, faculty, and peers at Walden University, I overcame existing barriers and started to believe in myself. As a peer mentor, I want to help students combat the imposter syndrome by equipping them with valuable strategies to make their academic journey educational and enjoyable.

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