Jamie Klingman

"Breathe! Take things one step at a time. Especially for us “older” kids who have been out of school and not taken an online program before, the stress is often in the process, not the actual knowledge. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, the professors and your peers want you to be successful!"


<3>About Me

Current Walden Program: DBA Program- Social Impact Management

Education: MBA, B.S.

Location: Florida (Eastern Time Zone)

Research Interests: Nonprofit and social enterprise

Hobbies and Interests: Cycling (right now so grateful for Peloton!), piano, reading, cooking fun new things, philanthropy, kayaking, pretty much any beach or outdoor activity.

My Doctoral Journey

My Academic Journey

Why did you choose Walden University?

Flexibility, and the specificity of my program (Social Impact)

What have you learned about yourself so far in your doctoral journey?

Life doesn’t end if you don’t have a 4.0….that I am in no way the smartest person or best writer ever…and that I can do anything I put my mind to (including a doctoral study).

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My Walden Residencies

My Walden Residencies

Where did you attend your first residency?

Atlanta, GA

What did you find most valuable about residency?

Getting to meet with professors face-to-face was invaluable. While the sessions are informative, it was the time in between sessions where I learned the most. Sit with any professor willing, you will learn something from them all!

How did you network at your residency?

I chatted with anyone who would listen. Asked different people to lunch and dinner each day. Talked to everyone in the snack lines, Starbucks lines, etc. Followed up with LinkedIn requests, emails, etc. to keep the conversations going. Several in our residency formed a group email, social media group, and group text to stay in touch, which has been a huge help!


Jamie Klingmans pets
Jamie Klingmans pets

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