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Academic Skills Center
Academic Skills Center
Academic Skills Center
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Staff Bios:
Ashley Beverly - No Longer a Student

Advice for a new student

Ashley Beverly

"Use your class café to interact with classmates, develop strong networks at your residencies, and develop alliances with your mentors for added support through this wonderful and challenging process.  Having a solid support system is one of the most helpful parts of this process. You can do it!"

Intro Video

About Me

Transcript: Meet Walden's Peer Mentor: Ashley Beverly

Current Walden Program: PhD in Social Work with a focus in Clinical Social Work

Education: MSW, BSW, AA in Social and Behavioral Sciences, AA in General Studies

Location: Texas (Central Time Zone)

Research Interests: mental healthcare deficiencies in U.S. rural communities; military/veteran mental health

Hobbies and Interests: traveling, listening to music, singing, dancing, and spending time with family and friends

My Doctoral Journey

My Academic Journey

Why did you choose Walden University?

I chose Walden University because I loved that they empower us as students to promote social change and impact our communities both locally and globally. It was a strong part of my value system and what I believe in.

What have you learned about yourself so far in your doctoral journey?

I have learned that when you are on this doctoral journey you will continuously evolve and redevelop your scholastic voice in a variety of ways that transitions you from being the scholar to being the subject matter expert.

Learn more about my Walden journey

Ashley Beverly on Developing a Doctoral Identity (YouTube) 

My Walden Residencies

My Walden Residencies

Where did you attend your first residency?

I attended my first residency in Denver, Colorado.

What did you find most valuable about residency?

I found the dissertation presentations that Residency 4 students present to be very helpful. It gave me an idea of how to prepare for my defense process. I also enjoyed the IRB and qualitative presentations because that provided me with various tools to prepare for what's next after coursework. I also enjoyed the one on one meetings with various professors because I gained lots of different perspectives on how to make my research stronger. 

How did you network at your residency?

I exchanged numbers and email addresses with a lot of cohort members. Some of us have met up at other residencies. We have also joined student-led Facebook groups for support each step of the way. It's been very beneficial to have that support, and not feel alone in this process. 


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