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Doctoral Peer Mentor Biographies:
Amy Parravano Drummond, MSW

About Me

Current Walden Program: PhD Social Work - Administration

Education: MSW, BA Sociology/Anthropology

Location: Michigan (Central Time Zone)

Research Interests: Feminist theory/advocacy for women; children/medical advocacy for diverse populations

Hobbies and Interests: Hanging out with my husband, three teenage boys, and new puppy; practicing & teaching yoga, crocheting, reading, and Facetiming my sister in Wyoming and my twin brother in Texas


My Advice for a New Walden Student 

Stay open, teachable, and willing!

My Doctoral Journey

Why did you choose Walden University?

I love Walden University's forward-thinking along with the empowerment to embrace every walk of life within the student body

What have you learned about yourself so far in your doctoral journey?

That I am disciplined, determined and willing to go the extra mile to get an A in a class

My Walden Residencies

Where did you attend your first residency?

Maryland 2019

What did you find most valuable about residency?

That everyone in their first residency was in the same boat as myself, similar to being a freshman in high school; we all have to go through it.

How did you network at your residency?

Networking is KEY! I have met some incredible women in the program. Two women, one lives in Idaho, and one lives in North Carolina. They have become my closest confidants. We talk regularly and support one another's doctoral journey.

Amy Parravano Drummond
Amy Parravano Drummond



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