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OASIS Writing Skills

Common Assignments:
Other Tips

This guide includes tips on writing common course assignments.

Other Tips

Use a background that

  • is not too graphically busy
  • is a contrasting color to your text

Use images that

  • Are directly relevant to the topic and related to the slide text
  • Are of high quality (rather than blurry or pixilated)
  • Match the professionalism of the presentation

Warning: Complex images, video, and transitions between slides can distract the audience from your content. Be frugal with PowerPoint's many options.

Use text that

  • Is in a clear sans serif font like Gill Sans or Calibri
  • Is a sufficient font size (20-point or higher)
  • Is consistent (no more than 2 different fonts per slide)

Use PowerPoint's Notes section to elaborate on each slide's brief points. Keeping the slide text minimal draws attention to the key ideas so that you don't overwhelm your audience or repeat information.

Organize your presentation effectively by shaping it like a regular paper. You can

  • Add an Overview slide at the beginning to serve as an introduction
  • Add a Recap slide at the end to serve as a conclusion
  • Use each slide as a paragraph, addressing a single main idea

Revision Tip: Take some time to step back and reflect on your audience. If this is a mock presentation for your healthcare facility, school, or business, ask yourself

  • Who exactly makes up my audience and how do they learn best?
  • Have I ordered the slides logically for those learners?
  • Is the clip art appropriate for the situation?

For technical how-tos, see the training courses offered by Microsoft.  Read Anne's blog post for information on Prezi, an alternative to PowerPoint.

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