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Meet Walden's Peer Mentor: Rhemma Payne

Video published September 27, 2019

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Last updated 9/26/2019


Audio: Rhemma Payne: Hey, everybody, my name is Rhemma Payne. I am a PhD student at Walden in counselor education and supervision. So looking forward to this doctoral peer mentor program and being able to be a part of your journey.

Right now, I am a licensed mental health counselor in private practice. I really love what I do and it's quite different than being a PhD student. But I love the contrast and I love getting to do a little bit of both.

For fun I don't really like spending time with family and friends trying new things, talking about things, just goofing around, having fun, going on road trips, things like that. I also really, really enjoy stay-cations and time to myself. Whether it's to get organized. do things around the house I want it to do, read a book or stare at the wall whatever the choice is I just really like having a set-aside time for myself to re-group.

Again I'm just really looking forward to working with you all through this doctoral peer mentor program. Mentorship is one of my research interests; specifically with underrepresented populations in graduate studies. I think we have a really unique opportunity here to take advantage of this program, especially being in an online environment really getting to connect in a different way.

So, I look forward to meeting you all, see ya!