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Meet Walden's Peer Mentor: Luis Sanchez

Video published on 8/15/2019

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Last updated 8/16/2019


Audio: Luis Sanchez: Hi, I'm Luis Sanchez! I am currently pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology and recently completed my master's in applied psychology through Walden University.

As part of my academic program, I am currently finishing my clinical psychology practicum. Where I administer cognitive and personality assessments to children adolescents and adults of all ages. And aside from that I also do counseling. So I do individual and couples counseling during my practicum.

This experience has actually awakened a strong interest in neurocognitive, neurodevelopmental, and neurodegenerative disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, neurocognitive disorder due to Alzheimer's disease and intellectual disability, which is something I work with almost on a daily basis.

On a personal level, I am currently a husband of a wonderful wife, best friend of over 18 years, and a father to two handsome, super active, boys [laughs].

Anyway, outside of Walden and I just simply enjoy just you know spending quality time with my family, and overall napping, which I am sure you will find to be extremely rewarding as you progress through your program here at Walden!

I am honored to be a doctoral mentor and I look forward to working with you as you take your first steps towards becoming a doctor!

So welcome to Walden!

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