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Meet Walden's Peer Mentor: Kara McCoy

Video published on 8/15/2019

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Last updated 8/16/2019


Audio: Kara McCoy: Hello, my name is Karen McCoy, I am one of the peer mentors here at Walden University. I'm coming to you from a living room in Minnesota with one of my favorite puppies named Harriet. She's eight weeks old, look how big this puppy is! These guys are great, but it's part of my relaxation technique. Everybody's gotta have a puppy, right? We also have horses and do our farm activities just to kind of relax.

I'm in the clinical psychology program and I really enjoy working with Walden. I hope that I can be a good help to you if you have questions or need answers about specifics of the of your program or of the school.

I'm a licensed counselor here in the state of Minnesota, also an ordained minister. I work with a lot of children and families in the community. Just helping them to find the help they need. Especially those who have experienced intergenerational trauma; that’s a research interest of mine.

So hopefully you and I can find something in common. I'd love to help you with your educational questions and I help you to go through your doctoral journey.

Really good to meet you talk to you later. Buh-bye!