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NURS 5052 Week 7 Discussion: Week 7

Guide goal and objectives

To complete your Week 7 discussion you are asked to find an article in the journal Qualitative Health Research.  The article you choose should be on a topic of interest to you, and the article must have been published within the last three years.

The goal of this guide is to show you how to find articles within Qualitative Health Research.

You will learn:

  • how to locate the journal Qualitative Health Research
  • how to find research articles on a specific topic within the journal
  • how to limit your results to articles published within the past three years

How to find the journal Qualitative Health Research

For this discussion assignment you are being asked to locate articles within the journal Qualitative Health Research. You are asked to find articles published within the past three years.

To start, you will need to locate the specific journal. Here's how you can find a specific journal in the Library:

1.  Click the Start Your Research tab near the top of the Library homepage.

2.  In the Search by Type box, click on Journals.

3. In the search box under Find a journal by title enter: 

Qualitative Health Research

4. Click the Search button to run your search.


5. You will be prompted to log in with your myWalden user name and password, if you haven't already.

6. Click on the Full Text Access link below the title of the journal. This will show you which database has the full text of the journal and what years are available.


7. Click on the Sage Premier link to access the journal.


The next sections will discuss how to search or browse for articles within Qualitative Health Research.

Search for articles in Qualitative Health Research

Once you access Qualitative Health Research, you can begin searching for articles on a topic of your choice.  Searching within a journal is a great way to find articles when you have a specific topic in mind.


How to search for articles on a topic from the last three years:

1. Enter your topic in the search box at the top of the page.

2. As you begin to type, you'll see two drop-down options. Click the option for " This journal" to run the search.

drop-down to search within journal

3. To limit your results to articles that were published within the last three years, go to the right of the results and change the Publication Date to the appropriate years.

Click here to see this image in context.


4. That should give you a list of articles on your topic that were published within the last three years.

Browse for articles in Qualitative Health Research

Browsing within a journal is different than searching directly for articles.  When you browse a journal you are exploring the content more openly, with little control regarding the topics that are addressed in the articles you encounter.  Browsing can be a nice way to discover articles if you are open to a variety of topics or are generally unsure of the topic that you would like to explore.


How to browse content:

1. On the right side of the page are links to access All Issues of the journal or just the Current Issue.


2. Clicking on All Issues will take you to a page where you can navigate to individual issues of the journal. You have two options:

A. Select an issue. You can use the drop-down menus to select a specific issue.

B. Browse by year. You can browse by year to see which issues look most interesting.


3. Selecting an issue or clicking on an issue from the browse list will take you to a page with all of the articles that were published in that issue.

4. Click on an article title to access the article.

Remember: You are only interested in finding articles published within the past three years!


  • Using the date limiter helps you meet the 3 year requirement in the assignment to find more current information. What are your thoughts about the time in which information stays current? 
  • It is possible to set an even shorter date range, such as only one year.  Why do you think the assignment chose a wider date range? 
  • Try adjusting your search to only the most recent year. How many results do you get in your search?