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Zotero Citation Manager: Getting Started

What is Zotero?

Zotero is a free citation management software program that lets you store and organize references and create citations and reference lists.

Zotero Pros

  • add PDFs to Zotero from the Library databases
  • find reference citation information for PDFs you add manually
  • create in-text citations and reference lists
  • create stand-alone reference lists from items in your library
  • highlight and add notes to PDF documents

Zotero Cons

  • doesn't offer search feature to search for new resources

Get an overview

Get an overview of Zotero by checking out the Quick Start Guide put together by the Zotero team.


Note: Zotero is just one of many citation management software options. The Walden University Library does not specifically endorse or recommend Zotero over other available options.

Download Zotero and the Zotero Connector

Zotero works with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari browsers. You need to install the connector for the Internet browsers you wish to use.

Download Zotero from the Zotero website:


The Library doesn't offer technical support for Zotero. If you have problems downloading and installing Zotero, see the installation instructions on the Zotero website.

Create an online Zotero account

Create a free online Zotero account!

Creating an account allows you to

  • access your library online at from any computer
  • sync the items you've saved on your computer with online Zotero
  • share your library on more than one computer
  • transfer your information to a new computer
  • post to the Zotero forums to ask for technical help

For more information on syncing your information, see this Zotero guide:

Zotero basics webinar

Video: Zotero Basics (YouTube)

Recorded May 2019 (60 min 28 sec)